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Leslie Tita | UI & UX designer residing in Maryland

Leslie Tita | UI & UX designer

This where I assemble all my thoughts and projects as the years go by

$30.9 Million Check

Today I turn 30 and wrote a fucken check for $30.9 Million US Dollars to the future me, one million for every year, and $900k for the 9 months in my mum bellys to be cashed exactly 5 years from today, on my 35th birthday, so yeah officially I’m old, it’s hard to believe, but so exciting at the same, as I rethink my last 3 decades on earth, I see a lot significant events, some that broke me, some that made me, and some I’m still making:

I’ve learnt a couple of things, growing older and getting mature are two different things, I’m proud of everything accomplishments and failures, and I’ve failed many people, friends, family, business associates, relationship. To all those I say I’m sincerely sorry for everything, The hard, challenging, financial struggles, sorry.

I’ve always had the mindset you can accomplish extraordinary things in your life, and so you should be ready to take the necessary risk and challenges that go with, I started my very startup at 17, my Yaounde friends can remember I used to build websites for 500 frs cfa? I made a humble killing doing that, enough to get myself my own “pannon” ball, but I can still remember how highschool was challenging, 30 years after I’m happy to have been part of building a young but amazing Cameroonian tech ecosystem, with some amazing people @william takor, horace, nara, quincy and james.

30 years later, I feel I’m still at the very beginning of a lot of things, I started coworking company I/O Spaces downtown silver spring, and count my words because I/O in a couple of years, God Willing we will become African Tech Hub for the Entire Washington Area,

30 years later, I refuse to remain complacent, I refuse to sleep and not fix my wrongs, however I’m still making mistakes, being human, learning, failing, working harder everyday, dreads growing longer, trying to love my ever dysfunctional extended family, ensuring my mother gets that house built. 

I’ve never been a big fan of material things, sure a great car makes a great ride, but my reason to get one will never and be never based around the fact that my friends have one.

I have learnt from previous relationship, that is people will love for you for different things,  but my DC women will not love a struggling entrepreneur, nope they want you when you have made it and living the hippie life, but well to each their own. 

and finally to others who are starting out in life, Don’t ever wish to be older or younger, because younger you will not have the same perception of life-like you have now and older you will be too cautious to take risk you need to succeed, so enjoy the moment while you can, travel, try a lot of things, fail a lot, because people will fail you hard, your friends, family, love ones, your boss, the police.

No im not dying, im just reliving, Im stating my purpose for life while understanding my mistakes, doing what ever it takes to keep self improving

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