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Leslie Tita | UI & UX designer residing in Maryland

Leslie Tita | UI & UX designer

This where I assemble all my thoughts and projects as the years go by

Africa needs more Raspberry Pi.

So, Raspberry pi, the open, credit-card-sized, $35 single-board computer launched today and sold out within hours. It’s a great, affordable product, with its creators aiming to “stimulate the teaching of basic computer science in schools.” 

Specs-at-a-glance: 700 Mhz / 256 MB Ram / Linux / SD Card / RCA video out (straight to your tv)* / Standard 3.5mm (headphone) audio out* / ethernet jack. *HDMI option for audio + video.

What do you guys think of it? I’m hoping our future software devs in Africa get to take advantage of it… and it works its way into our school curricula. I’m admittedly very detached from the education market on the continent, so if anyone in the group knows the right people to support such an initiative, please let make them aware of the product. Regardless, do share your thoughts below.

Video : 

via Ikezi Kamanu

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