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Leslie Tita | UI & UX designer residing in Maryland

Leslie Tita | UI & UX designer

This where I assemble all my thoughts and projects as the years go by

African Entrepreneurs: Investor money is not yours

Bash >_Hello World

Investor money is not mine

My partner and I repeat that phrase everytime, We see ourselves slacking, getting too comfortable or willing to spend frivolously, like to get that latest 4K IMac 27in.

Your circumstances maybe different,but.

Getting any type of funding for a venture is no easy feat for an African based startup, if you haven’t raised a kobo, then go read articles on how to raise money, but if you have then congrats, and read on. 

Regardless of the amount raised, let it be a hefty $1.1 Million of Marc Essien or the 7 figure seed for showroom.co.ng, the rule is same.

This post is targetted to you! For a majority of African countries, their culture and expectations are quite peculiar (forgive the Generalization ), and as with most community oriented families, African parents will expect you to succeed and share that success with them immediately.

Unlike the western nuclear family, most African families will expand to third cousins, and every one of them will want a piece of the pie, and unfortunately you can’t disregard them, unless you want to be called the “greedy bush faller”.

And while they expect this handout for the right reasons ; They are the ones who brought you up, played nanny, did your homework, and so you feel like you owe it to them if you make it.

Breaking news > No you don’t “yet”. This is why.

Its quite a hard pill to swallow especially for first time entrepreneurs  who want to keep sole ownership of their companies or those who think company’s money is theirs but once you go raise funds, your startup now belongs to everyone who put in some $$$.

Investors know the risk they take when they decide to invest in you, for the most part they will be fine if their investment does not give the ROI they expected, their options are usually good, they will ask that you sell the company, force you to liquidate, hostile take over or stop funding you.

However we will not get into the legal how to prevent that, but rather focus on the sole fact, any form of investment is not yours.

So dear budding African tech Entrepreneurs you can not:

  1. Buy yourself a new Tesla yet.

  2. Build your parents new house yet.

  3. Take first class tickets back home yet

  4. Pay your cousin’s college tuition yet.

Keyword here is “yet”.

Every dime counts, as well you may want to plan for the goodtimes, plan for the unexpected, because should your business ever become successful, you will face new type of challenge, i.e. you will be on the radar of competition, disgruntled employees, exes and the following

  1. Lawyers & Lawsuits

  2. Unpaid invoices

  3. Competition

  4. Depending on your entity, maybe Taxes

  5. Negative PR and Real Estate.

  6. Being fired as CEO of your company

And to give you a taste of how this really plays out in real life, read ” Evidence Suggests Erik Hersman & Riyaz Bachani Orchestrated The Ousting Of Angani Founders

$30.9 Million Check

Today I turn 30 and wrote a fucken check for $30.9 Million US Dollars to the future me, one million for every year, and $900k for the 9 months in my mum bellys to be cashed exactly 5 years from today, on my 35th birthday, so yeah officially I’m old, it’s hard to believe, but so exciting at the same, as I rethink my last 3 decades on earth, I see a lot significant events, some that broke me, some that made me, and some I’m still making:

I’ve learnt a couple of things, growing older and getting mature are two different things, I’m proud of everything accomplishments and failures, and I’ve failed many people, friends, family, business associates, relationship. To all those I say I’m sincerely sorry for everything, The hard, challenging, financial struggles, sorry.

I’ve always had the mindset you can accomplish extraordinary things in your life, and so you should be ready to take the necessary risk and challenges that go with, I started my very startup at 17, my Yaounde friends can remember I used to build websites for 500 frs cfa? I made a humble killing doing that, enough to get myself my own “pannon” ball, but I can still remember how highschool was challenging, 30 years after I’m happy to have been part of building a young but amazing Cameroonian tech ecosystem, with some amazing people @william takor, horace, nara, quincy and james.

30 years later, I feel I’m still at the very beginning of a lot of things, I started coworking company I/O Spaces downtown silver spring, and count my words because I/O in a couple of years, God Willing we will become African Tech Hub for the Entire Washington Area,

30 years later, I refuse to remain complacent, I refuse to sleep and not fix my wrongs, however I’m still making mistakes, being human, learning, failing, working harder everyday, dreads growing longer, trying to love my ever dysfunctional extended family, ensuring my mother gets that house built. 

I’ve never been a big fan of material things, sure a great car makes a great ride, but my reason to get one will never and be never based around the fact that my friends have one.

I have learnt from previous relationship, that is people will love for you for different things,  but my DC women will not love a struggling entrepreneur, nope they want you when you have made it and living the hippie life, but well to each their own. 

and finally to others who are starting out in life, Don’t ever wish to be older or younger, because younger you will not have the same perception of life-like you have now and older you will be too cautious to take risk you need to succeed, so enjoy the moment while you can, travel, try a lot of things, fail a lot, because people will fail you hard, your friends, family, love ones, your boss, the police.

No im not dying, im just reliving, Im stating my purpose for life while understanding my mistakes, doing what ever it takes to keep self improving

Some thoughts on I/O Spaces coworking

In my previous post, I mentioned an idea/project for 2015, was launching coworking space in Maryland for diaspora startups, and we were able to secure a space, about 3200 sq/ft in Silver Spring… so far we have been working on building our initial coworking community within Silver spring, Maryland.

Its usually said starting a business is no easy feat, more so in the real estate business versus software, mostly because most capital expenses are tangible and pressing, e.g rent is due when its due, free trials don’t exist in leases.

So I’ve been brainstorming and we have a couple ideas of the direction we are thinking of going in regards to services, membership, and stuff at I/O spaces, this is still very rough, and most importantly we need your feedback because this is about you.



  • Shared fulltime
  • Shared parttime (8-5)
  • Dedicated
  • Private Office:
  • Maker space (8-5)
  • Lite (weekends only)
  • Lite ( 10 days/month)
  • Daily (1 day) :
  • Virtual (2 days/month)


  • Lockers
  • Mailbox
  • 24/7 Access keycard
  • Conference room
  • Small meeting room
  • Open space rental
  • Color printing :
  • 3d printing

Launch Pricing

  • Discount off all memberships level
  • No contract = regular price
  • With contract = discount off
  • 6 months : additional discount off
  • 1 year : additional discount off

Events Pricing

  • Members : additional discount off
  • Non members : regular price


  • Members :additional discount off
  • Non members : regular price

Member Free and Discounted Stuff :

  • Coffee
  • Pastries
  • Events
  • Classes
  • Game room
  • Nap room
  • Highlight wall
  • 3d printing
  • Printing
  • Wifi
  • Member portal
  • Email address
  • Power workstation
  • DVD rental
  • Library
  • Indoor bike storage
  • Phone booth
  • Receptionist & phone lines

Leslie Tita


Leslie tita .com

Another day another  relaunch, “c’est devenu quoi meme?” So here am I at crossroads (well not really), going through an endless redesign cycle process, it’s been months since leslie tita.com expired, I wasn’t even keen on renewing it, because I already had the leslie tita.co domain, but given leslie tita.com was my first baby, and where I hosted my first ever personal site, it was but normal that i rethink that decision, so finally to decide to relaunch my website leslie tita.com, but this time around instead of going through an extensive complicated redesign process, I preferred to keep it minimalist and content oriented.

I was worried someone had bought the domain leslie tita.com, fortunately no one had, it would have been a pr disaster for me. So on Black Friday went on namecheap to get it, but being in hurry I went ahead and got leslie tita.com domain for $12, instead of waiting 4 hours and getting it for 4 cents… I’m so dumb !!!!

But all is well, since I had a couple of ideas for leslie tita.com in mind I wanted to launch and its so time I start sharing it with the world.

I/O Spaces


So first on my list, is coworking, with some friends we will be launching a coworking / makerspace called I/O spaces right in the middle of silver spring, Maryland, as of now the founder List is : Rebecca Enonchong, and Leslie Tita, . We are really excited about this new venture as it will play very important role on the growth of the diaspora’s tech ecosystem stateside, if you will like to learn more go to iospac.es


My second idea was publishing my thoughts on seo, given my job consisted on making sure my company domain “Marylanddentalcenter.com
appeared first for certain searched keyword, what better place to publish what I learnt than on leslie tita.com,

A Book

As for second idea I’ve been working, is the launch of my fictional novel called : “leslie tita, Cameroon : a different story” its supposed to be fictional recount of my high-school experience, my objective here is to make my readers laugh through an exaggeration of stories I wish I had experienced, so to get you started this an
excerpt :

… It was the day after PTA (parents teachers Association meeting), my stomach bulging like a drum and ready to explode, I asked for permission, and my teacher shouted from across the room “Leslie Tita, why are you always going to the toilet” and without answering, I dashed out of the boring civics class, with my mind directing me to the closest dorm restroom, “st martins” and, as I attended to my stomach preoccupations, I heard squiking and muffling noises coming from the dorm, I wondered in astonishment what was going on given every one was suppose to be in class.

As I washed my hands, and thought ain’t none of my business, the noises got even louder, I just had to check.

The back door open, like a rat I sneaked in and towards the noise, and then I saw it, under covers, two things, likely humans or aliens wrestling for domination, but their positioning and noises were a little off.

My mind froze, thinking what if this alien called out leslie tita, so my legs felt weak, my mind couldn’t properly interpret what was going on, and my stomach grumbled again, my throat itching I could feel my bowels churning to exile its filth, I ran back to the restroom…. “

You will be able keep on reading soon here

They dont like me

They don’t like me because i speak hard truths like they were nursery rhymes. A, B, C’s, A Bunch of conspiracies! but that red pill has a bitter aftertaste so they dismiss its effect as theories . and so in the court of public opinion they try to indict me on false charges for proxy crimes. ah the irony of times, in this land of the blind, the one eye man is no king, just the man who might have lost his damn mindLeslie Tita


Responsive web design offers us a way forward, finally allowing us to design for the ebb and flow of things. There are many variations of passages of Lorem Ipsum available, but the majority have suffered alteration in some form, by injected humour, or randomised words which don’t look even slightly.

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Do not become disillusioned

We must not allow ourselves
to become disillusioned
into believing we are forsaken.
Yes, the world is chaotic,
unpredictable, and sometimes cruel
and unusual.
But by God, we must keep
hope alive that good shall
yet prevail,
even if we must wait till Kingdom come..Enrich by kenny

How to Stop Pop-ups/Ads on Google Chrome?

I had to learn that lots of website and content online are filled with ads and prerolled videos, the content providers might argue that this is how they make money, but then again, this ads, considerably slow down our computers, so this is way to go adfree in this adfilled world, lets Keep it simple :


  1. Up to top far right side click on the 3 little bars.
  2. Click on tools.
  3. Click extensions.
  4. Scroll all the way to the bottom.
  5. Click on get more extensions.
  6. Locate Adblock plus or AD and select add to Google.
  7. It should work straight out the box.

Thank me Later.

Leslie njamen tita

We truly have a choice

Leslie Njamen  Tita : Cameroon A different story” – The excerpt from the book

“We truly have a choice – but of course we also need surprises. How many of you would believe that we could use only numbers and statistics to build a nation like the United states.

The story I have to tell, will share a perspective, my perspective, I will not enter the bandwagon of negativity neither will I go on a sprint for propaganda. This a story, my story and maybe that of million of others.

My background and family have nothing of extra special, so I thought. My mum is a retired scholar from the western part of Cameroon known as the Bamilekes precisely Bangante but grew up in the anglophone region of the country, she did her studies locally but was offered a scholarship to England where she got her masters from university of Warwick, her tribe however were popularly known for the economic know how, and my father former diplomat and ex Chief Technical Advisor in the Private Sector Development Program of the UNDP, who had the opportunity to dine with Fidel Castro, fancy and has had more far achievements than I can list, but this isn’t about my parents, though as it plays out, you don’t choose which family you are born into, but their achievements will forever change your life regardless..

I would come to discover the Anglophones and the Bamilekes, have often been sought to be highly disregarded and mismanaged, but that is problem I readily acknowledged, because as Charles Swindoll said “life is 10% what happens to you and 90% of what you do about it”

Despite my origins, over the years I had come to developed a deep sense of passion of places and also the belief that though one do not choose where you are born, you can choose what you will become, So, my credo became the acknowledgement and the act. One without the other is self-indulgence. This is what I believed.