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Leslie Tita | UI & UX designer residing in Maryland

Leslie Tita | UI & UX designer

This where I assemble all my thoughts and projects as the years go by

They dont like me

They don’t like me because i speak hard truths like they were nursery rhymes. A, B, C’s, A Bunch of conspiracies! but that red pill has a bitter aftertaste so they dismiss its effect as theories . and so in the court of public opinion they try to indict me on false charges for proxy crimes. ah the irony of times, in this land of the blind, the one eye man is no king, just the man who might have lost his damn mindLeslie Tita

Do not become disillusioned

We must not allow ourselves
to become disillusioned
into believing we are forsaken.
Yes, the world is chaotic,
unpredictable, and sometimes cruel
and unusual.
But by God, we must keep
hope alive that good shall
yet prevail,
even if we must wait till Kingdom come..Enrich by kenny