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Leslie Tita | UI & UX designer residing in Maryland

Leslie Tita | UI & UX designer

This where I assemble all my thoughts and projects as the years go by

Leslie Njamen Tita : My book on a blog

A book by Leslie Njamen Tita

“C’est de la Bouyabaise !!!”, the sentence I use each time I find a situation unbelievably ridiculous, and right now that is what I’m saying while writing this. Just to clear out any doubt I am not a hero, an ex-soldier, a millionaire, an ex convict, politician or a child soldier.


I will not be dramatic or self pitying, this is not a #kony2012 campaign.


Though, I may not have invented anything yet or won the lottery or raised a Million dollars for my startup; the fact is as a young adult I face similar challenges any Black – African – Cameroonian would face; finishing with school, career job, thinking of dropping out and focusing on my startup full-time, trying to convince my friends to invest their money in me, reassuring my mother everything is fine, uploading wonderful pictures of me on facebook and keeping up with my emotional life, learning lessons from my past failed relationship, like don’t cheat on your partner, it isnt fair to her and my son David Ive never met.


Instead of focusing on those  Ill like to share something else too I believe in fervently, something journalists, authors, critics, and some of my very own people instead harshly criticize and complain about, with a majority of their solutions being nothing but insanely radical.


I believe in the nation of Cameroon


I’ve always wondered if there was something I personally could do for my nation, because the Cameroon I know is beautiful, challenging, corrupt, young, lazy, poor and ambitious, but most importantly, no matter what I think of this country it will continue to thrive in an upward curve, if not for the straightforward reason the is a brink of hope, for everyone. Economists, politicians, journalists and foreign policy experts with their statistics and historical facts may find counter arguments to prove me wrong, but I have come to learn that in life “they are lies, damn lies and statistics”.


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