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Leslie Tita | UI & UX designer residing in Maryland

Leslie Tita | UI & UX designer

This where I assemble all my thoughts and projects as the years go by

Leslie Njamen Tita : Is Africa Sleeping ? No its Not !

By now you should be aware that Africa hosted for the very first time a memorable event, the FIFA world cup, i can still remember the excitement on the faces of people when it was first announced . But my question remains, why did it take so long for the African continent to host the World  Cup, or better why do we give the impression that Africa isn’t ready to take part in large events, some may say, its due to a lack of infrastructure,  poverty, or corrupt governments and so on and so forth. But after seeing what South Africa offered, today i think as many others, that’s its time Africa shows its self in big style to the rest of the world, let it be in the Arts, Design, Technology or Architecture Field. We need to promote our products and ideas and also show how they are positively affecting our nations and the world. Being a avid reader of TechCrunch blog, and I’m amazed by the beauty by which they promote Start-ups and give the impression that Silicon Valley is Unique place that can not be reproduced elsewhere, Guess What, they are African starts up that are changing the lives of millions of people too, like the open source project Ushahidi which was developed in the aim to report violence in Kenya after the elections, but today is been used in numerous different countries as an alert system, and it was put to test recently during Haiti 2010 earthquake . Other Start-ups like Ringo who after 2 years of operation increased the number of Cameroonian internet users from 200,000 in 2009 to 750 000 users and now Cameroon can boast of  a humbling 176 000 Facebook Users.

Via AfricanDigitalart

Africa also has rich digital community like African Digital Art which references a wide range multimedia productions artist from around the African globe headed by a talented digital artist Jepchumba. Now over to social networking sites, i know the question you ask yourself is “Do we need another Social Network”, but the right question to ask is “Does the actual 500 million  social network benefit the local African community ?”,  ”has it reduced poverty ?” or “has it increased the level of literacy “, ” has it enable the truck pusher business to promote his services” NO… that’s why entrepreneurs like Mambe Churchill and Papa Qube Launched naijaborn and camerborn in the effort to answer those questions. How are this networks doing you may ask? pretty well, they don’t have 500 millions like Facebook, and neither to they have enemies Also Africa has nothing to do with the film  Blood Diamond or  Hotel Rwanda as African American friend once told me, or lets better say at least its as bad as the racism problems in the US, so nothing serious. The Diary Of African Designer would be place where i will share my experiences, thoughts, tutorials and stories and also those of  African professionals across the Globe. If you have questions, please ask me below in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer them.

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