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Leslie Tita | UI & UX designer residing in Maryland

Leslie Tita | UI & UX designer

This where I assemble all my thoughts and projects as the years go by

Steve Jobs asked me to be CEO of Apple.

It’s funny how the world goes, you never know when your good fortune may come, and mine came in exactly 2 days ago, infact nearly came. so for the history, I’m called Leslie Tita, The first black employee at Apple, and fervent fan boy of Steve Jobs, whom I call him Stevo.

So here we are this particular Tuesday night after a long session of coding, debugging and developing the Beta version of the iOS release called iPulse,. I decided to take a break, and joined my coworkers for a short iWalk and ahead of us was no one but the only Stevo, looking very frail and tired, So I summoned my sharingan (Naruto) and went up to him and asked why he insisted to work while he was on medical leave, funny enough he told me “I’ve got a lot of work to do young man and by the way I’ve been looking forward to meet you, Leslie” and my heart stop beating for 2 secs, Stevo wants to meet me, Leslie.

I followed him to his office, the bureau space, a fantastic piece of art, it looked very much like the future apple campus, we sat down, had a cup of iCoffee (everything in his office is prefixed “i”) and he started talking, “Leslie I founded this company before your mom had time to give your dad a chance, and when I made my first million dollars, you weren’t even born yet, but all this time, I’d been praying one day, I will meet someone who will be the iPerson I will want to take over Apple,” so my brain started calculating, does Steve Jobs want my input on who he needs to choose to lead Apple, so I confidently said “Tom Cooks” aka Tommy and he shouted “Nooo !!!!, Tommy is too….infact he doesn’t understand the Fruit”…and he gasped for air and said “Leslie, I want you to be the CEO of APPLE.” …then I poured the iCoffee I was drinking and this time my heart stopped for 5 secs.  You got know I had been speaking with Stevo for about 15 mins, and there he is proposing me to be CEO of the most valuable company in the world, but I told him, “With all due respect Stevo sorry Steve, I know, you know what you want, and definitely have thought out this decision, but Tommy has been there for you when you were sick, even though he is not as charismatic as you, I believe he is the iONE”.

Stevo stared at me in astonishment for a sec and whispered some inaudible words, basically it seemed to me he was chanting, and all I heard was “iPhone …iTommy…iApple…this cant iWorks ” then he said well Leslie, I have a better offer for you, which you can’t refuse,” I thought to myself this old dude surely wants to donate all his money, since he doesn’t need it any longer, and looking around his office, I could already see myself resigning from Apple (the dream job) to launch my own company iusePulse.

I could feel my hair strands lift and excitement as blood gushed throughout my veins, so he excused himself left the room and seconds later I heard his iPhone ring…it started ringing so loud I could barely hear myself breathe, so I turned over to silence it, and Bam…my eyes opened, it was 6.00am, I was in my bed and my alarm clock was busy buzzing around, it was time to get up and go to my job, my real job this time, “Computer lab assistant at Franklin University”.

I definitely would not know what Stevo had to tell me but one thing is sure, Tom Cooks can thank me for letting him have the job, after all Steve Jobs asked me to be CEO of Apple and I said “iNo”

Disclaimer : This story is Pureful Fictional, nothing in this is true.

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