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Leslie Tita | UI & UX designer residing in Maryland

Leslie Tita | UI & UX designer

This where I assemble all my thoughts and projects as the years go by

Leslie Tita


Leslie tita .com

Another day another  relaunch, “c’est devenu quoi meme?” So here am I at crossroads (well not really), going through an endless redesign cycle process, it’s been months since leslie tita.com expired, I wasn’t even keen on renewing it, because I already had the leslie tita.co domain, but given leslie tita.com was my first baby, and where I hosted my first ever personal site, it was but normal that i rethink that decision, so finally to decide to relaunch my website leslie tita.com, but this time around instead of going through an extensive complicated redesign process, I preferred to keep it minimalist and content oriented.

I was worried someone had bought the domain leslie tita.com, fortunately no one had, it would have been a pr disaster for me. So on Black Friday went on namecheap to get it, but being in hurry I went ahead and got leslie tita.com domain for $12, instead of waiting 4 hours and getting it for 4 cents… I’m so dumb !!!!

But all is well, since I had a couple of ideas for leslie tita.com in mind I wanted to launch and its so time I start sharing it with the world.

I/O Spaces


So first on my list, is coworking, with some friends we will be launching a coworking / makerspace called I/O spaces right in the middle of silver spring, Maryland, as of now the founder List is : Rebecca Enonchong, and Leslie Tita, . We are really excited about this new venture as it will play very important role on the growth of the diaspora’s tech ecosystem stateside, if you will like to learn more go to iospac.es


My second idea was publishing my thoughts on seo, given my job consisted on making sure my company domain “Marylanddentalcenter.com
appeared first for certain searched keyword, what better place to publish what I learnt than on leslie tita.com,

A Book

As for second idea I’ve been working, is the launch of my fictional novel called : “leslie tita, Cameroon : a different story” its supposed to be fictional recount of my high-school experience, my objective here is to make my readers laugh through an exaggeration of stories I wish I had experienced, so to get you started this an
excerpt :

… It was the day after PTA (parents teachers Association meeting), my stomach bulging like a drum and ready to explode, I asked for permission, and my teacher shouted from across the room “Leslie Tita, why are you always going to the toilet” and without answering, I dashed out of the boring civics class, with my mind directing me to the closest dorm restroom, “st martins” and, as I attended to my stomach preoccupations, I heard squiking and muffling noises coming from the dorm, I wondered in astonishment what was going on given every one was suppose to be in class.

As I washed my hands, and thought ain’t none of my business, the noises got even louder, I just had to check.

The back door open, like a rat I sneaked in and towards the noise, and then I saw it, under covers, two things, likely humans or aliens wrestling for domination, but their positioning and noises were a little off.

My mind froze, thinking what if this alien called out leslie tita, so my legs felt weak, my mind couldn’t properly interpret what was going on, and my stomach grumbled again, my throat itching I could feel my bowels churning to exile its filth, I ran back to the restroom…. “

You will be able keep on reading soon here